Monday, 25 May 2015

DIY Whipped Lemon Delicious Body Butter

Lemon delicious whipped body butter
(This is totally scrumptious!) 

1/4 cup Shea butter 

1/4 cup coconut oil 

2 table spoons almond oil 

YL lemon essential oil (about 8-12 drops) ☆

Melt ingredients together except for the essential oil...
Set melted liquid in fridge to cool down for 2 minutes add essential oil then pour in blender to whip.....
Blitz together and fold through.....

Voila ○○● 
Enjoy with or without your soul partner. 
Perfect for dry winter legs, arms and elbows!

Store in a cute container and give as gifts 

Amy Joyous
YL member 1090238
Naturally Joyous

These are from my own personal  experiences with Young Living..... and those from our 
Joyous team.

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