Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Bliss Balls with a Twist

"Accept that instability is inevitable and actually learn to enjoy it" Lisa Messenger.

One of my favourite quotes right now from her book Money and Mindfulness..... Oh what a blessing to read her realness and her savvy heart felt solutions.... if you haven't picked it up it's a great read!

Instability.... I use to fear this word, feel inadequate, feel like I was less of a mum because I chose a different track, separate, my family felt scattered, far from stability....  but we made it work, we scattered lots of love and lots of fun and have accepted from it, learnt from it and now ENJOY having a new un-pathed path to journey along.

I hope you ENJOY these bliss balls as much as I did making them with my daughters!
Sometimes, being a parent, things just don't go the way you planned....... and thats ok. 
Why not add some Acceptance essential oil blend in the diffuser while you are getting creative in the kitchen ;) 

Choc recipe and Bliss Balls you can eat for brekky, lunch or tea :)  Made with Love from Amy Joyous 


Raw Chocolate:
1/2 cup of cacao powder
4 tbs coconut oil
4 tbs maple syrup 
Melt if need and mix… as more oil if need thinner runnier consistency if think and want to add a fudge like feel why not add some medjool dates, cashew butter or tahini….. vanilla essence and any YL earth flavour you choose. 

Tangerine Dream Bliss Balls:

1 cup of sunflower seeds
1 cup of pitted dates
1 cup of sultanas 
1/2 cup desiccated coconut
1 tbs cashew butter or tahini or cacao spread…. 
8 drops of Tangerine oil

Blend or blitz the sunflower seeds, place in bowl with desiccated coconut and add the tangerine oil drops. Set aside and allow the flavour and aroma to soak in.
Blend up the dates, add whole sultanas (or blend swell, up to you….)  Add cashew butter (or tahini) and then mix all ingredients together.  
Squeeze into a slice tin or roll into balls….
To decorate, sprinkle with or roll in either more blended sunflower seeds….. or you could add any other seed chia or sesame seed etc.

I love to store mine in the freezer, a great go to when you feel like some chocolate or a naughty sweet treat, which is not really naughty at all :) if you want you can make the chocolate above and roll them in that also! 

However you choose, ENJOY….

Halva Bliss Balls:
I first came across Halva balls years ago when my girls were bubas, I was looking for different food ideas, and just happened to be watching the Today show at my parents house, with my mum, Lola…..  one particular morning…. seeing this Aussie chick…  Lola Berry for the first time pop up on the TV, with her funky name, beautiful blond locks and bright ribbon and headband in her hair… i think I had an instant girl crush as I was so into everything plant medicine and wholefoody so she made Halva balls and I have been making them ever since.. and following the nutritionist journey around town… and now with her new Melbourne cafe Happy Place!…. A bit of an inspiration and on the cover of this Month edition of Holistic Bliss Magazine!!!  :) 

This is my version with the addition of our gorgeous vibrational essential oils.

Cinnamon Seed Bliss Balls :

1 cup of almonds
1/2 cup pumpkin seeds
1/2 cup sunflower seeds
 1/4 cup sesame seeds
1/2 cup chia seeds
1/2 cups hemp seeds
I tbs linseeds
1/2 cup dried YL wolfberries (crazy high in antioxidants)
1/2 cup cashew or/& macadamia butter
1/2 cup Tahini 
A drizzle of maple syrup &/or rice bran syrup 
2 drops of YL cinnamon bark oil 
2 drops of YL nutmeg oil 

Can also add bee pollen if thats your thang ;) 

Mix together and roll into little bliss balls of goodness, store in fridge or freezer… roll in raw choc for extra plant power and antioxidants!!

In order to enjoy and appreciate the very best quality earth flavouring (and family fragrance) … 
Check out the most pristine essential oils available on the planet @ www.yldist.com/naturallyjoyous 
Join the mindful movement  - The Joyous Team - YL Wellness RevOILution 

Amy Joyous - 0405377298
Please remember that oils ain’t oils, and ’natural flavours’ aren’t always what they say they are… ask questions with LOVE :) 

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Love Your Life - Rise Up - Be True - Be you.....

We hear it daily.
We see it written.
We connect with it.
We visualise it.
We feel it.
We allow our hearts to expand in it.
We allow it to elevate our spirit.
We are love.
When we allow it in.
Live love laugh.

Ok so I love love.
And I feel so loved up right now so I thought I would write about what I love (apart from my earth lover and our gorgeous gals) ...  my other love.....

Why I love Young Living...
It covers pretty much Everything...

So, where to start.
They not only provide us with the best ever most pure pristine and exquisite essential oils and natural wellness products  - whole food, nutritional, weight management, pain relief, kids range, pet care, chemical free cleaning and healthy home solutions, natural beauty and personal care that rocks our socks off. But also... Young Living is about longevity and have the only and widest range of Pure Earth Flavours..... thats HUGE! Yes I said pure natural flavours and fragrances.  
Hard to get that these days......

Did you know that when you are, or if you do....  ingest diet sodas, packets of chips, chocolate bars, even some organic muesli bars and jelly cups.......   (and don't worry I do/have done this too especially around my time of the month... flowing red... if you know what I mean.  Give me chocolate! These days I tend to just make sure I am prepared and make my own chocolates, snacks and have a stash in the freezer.... so yes I understand how these little compounds can set off, stimulate and excite our cells...... we want more..... our mouth waters, it takes over our mind...... it can be addictive. I have been there.)

Well, did you know that when you bite into or drink these products with flavours, natural flavours, extracts, fragrance, you are actually eating perfume! YUk....... its the same cheap nasty synthetic and artificial, call it what you will... also made for the industrial cleaning industry.  
I am so passionate about wiping out the demand, thus the supply of these dis-ease and disaster causing products. 

What are natural flavours/fragrances and why you should never put them near your mouth, skin or within your environment again...... 

Even "Natural Flavours"  and added flavours.... are EXCITOTOXINS. 
'Children are four times more susceptible than adults to excitotoxin damage. Permanent damage will not be evident until the child is mature, other common, more immediate reactions include, behavioural disorders such as ADD, ADHD, impaired learning, stomach cramps, depression and nausea' - Dr John. W. Olney MD. St. Louis Washington University. 

Oh really so who the hell wants this for our gorgeous kids?
No thanks.
Lets talk love.
Self love.
Self Care.
Self Respect.

Young Living is love in so many ways. You just have to open your heart and soul and feel the layers lift away as you rise and shine along the empowering and educational toxic free tribal trail that is Young Living. You have to go with the flow, you have to love, care, share, be strong and remind yourself of your vision and goal and why you started this life changing journey in the first place. 

So what are better options, lets combat this excitotoxin damage;

Use pure pristine and exquisite earth flavours, that are straight from nature.  Simple.
We have many that you can use to get creative in the kitchen. 

Doctors and scientists bang on and on about antioxidants, Vitamin C, Vitamin E & coenzyme CoQ10.

So what does Young Living have....
Just that!
We have our number one whole food multivitamin berry drink, nourishing, regenerating, renewing and energising drink NingXia Red that is power packed full of antioxidants.... and our Slique slimming brilliance boosting tea also have lots of antioxidants...... and we also have our OmegaGize CoQ10..... yes all covered.....  thanks YL :)  

So more goodness from YL:
They are world leaders in not just oils and wellness nutritional home and body products, they are  respected, innovative, setting a global standard in ethical conservation and kindness. Younglivingfoundation.com 

Young Living allows us to design our own lives regardless of circumstance and regardless of education. Everyone is equal and everyone rises together as together we are stronger. 

Thanks to YL I have been blessed with 7 All expenses paid trips all over the globe... and more to come..... USA, Bali, Noosa and O'Rielys Retreat. Just by listening to people and helping them with their health/wellness. 

Can you see why I love YL and why I'd love you to be a Joyous Team player?
The nourishment, the opportunities, the love.
A natural wellness and mindfulness mentor.
A game changer and trail blazer. 
Step outside the square. 
Be apart of the awesomeness...... 

Pure and Pristine.
Love what you do everyday.

Enjoy Natural Wellness.
Live with purpose.
Love with passion.
Open to abundance.

Thank you for reading the love.

Amy Joyous xx

Empowering families to wellness purpose and abundance.