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**WEIGHT LOSS, WEIGHT GAIN** - It's your choice!

We are all beautiful, unique beings... with our own independent style, shape and views of the world..... how exciting does this make our lives?.................. Yet, we all strive to reach our optimal weight.

Weight is a huge conversation point, a massive money maker in the big nasty greedy commercial advertising and marketing world of diets, shakes, pills and 'quick fix' products. Seriously we all know that if you spray a mist into your mouth you're not going to shed 5 kg instantly right? Who else saw that last year on one of the morning shows? "But first here is a word from Moira"

I love what I do!! I get to socialise, I meet a lot of people while doing classes, workshops, having festival stalls and playing at kids playgrounds. The most commonly asked question I get asked is "Do you have an oil for weight lose?" Well, "Of course!" I say.......... "there is an oil for everything" :) 

So what works and what doesn't?......
Well, I am speaking from my own personal direct experience here.

My passion is natural health, specialising in Young Living essential oils that yes you can ingest, how amazing is that! I read a lot, I search for truth, I love science, yes I am a bit of a nerd and I am forever opening up my chemical maze book to see what really is in all the well advertised diet propaganda ... is it made from wholefoods? Is it plant based or is it synthetically made? Is there a mystery word such as 'fragrance' listed under the ingredients list? And does your body know what to do with it?

My healthy lifestyle path started after I had my first daughter Zola, however it wasn't until I had my second daughter, Indie that I really started to become more conscious and aware about what I was actually putting in my mouth and what it was doing to my body.

I thought to myself well, I know that I have to be careful of what I apply to my skin, my hair, teeth etc, what toxic sprays not to use around the home (pretty much all the ones advertised!) and what cleaning products to step away from, but now to food......

Before then I like to think of myself as an unconscious being, eating whatever, drinking, partying and entertaining..... that was my life, I loved socialising (and still do, but differently these days :) )

Like most new mums I put on about 20 kg during each pregnancy and was told "oh you're eating for two, eat what ever you like" And I did, mostly ice cream, smoothies and banana thick shakes.... (knowing what I know now however I would have eaten a lot differently)

I have never been on a 'diet', however I am a lover of cleansing my body with natural organic (where ever possible) wholesome super foods, including veggies, grains, nuts and fruits. The more I educate myself through workshops, classes, seminars, conferences and conventions the more my entire perception of life changes. The old beliefs I learnt from my parents, family, teachers and experiences disappear, and this makes me feel incredibly empowered. 

If you are happy with your body.... awesome, celebrate it, embrace it and love it. If you feel you could improve in some way.... set your intention, work on loving yourself and nourish your body with pure quality wholefoods. Take a step back from processed food, become aware of your choices.

So what worked for me?

1. I stopped eating sugar!!!!
Yes we all know of the book 'sugar is poison' - it is.
I replaced it with maple syrup and dates :)
Processed sugar has no real nutritional value (minerals, vitamins and fibre) and as a result, has a deteriorating effect on the endocrine system, causing sugar consumption to be one of the 3 major causes of degenerative disease. Cancer loves sugar!!

2. I stopped ingesting a massive amount of dairy. Humans rely so heavily on cows milk, when you think about it, why should we? Give it back to the calves, it's their milk. Just like our breast milk belongs to our babies! 
I now make my own almond milk (check out my post blogs) I still have the occasional slice of feta, halloumi and scoop of ice cream with the girls... you still have to enjoy little treats, however I find I am slowly replacing everything with kind, plant based alternatives, which are healthier, lean and clean versions! The other day I stumbled upon the most amazing coconut ice cream, so delicious with no dairy, I have since found a recipe to make my own so I will will be doing that over the next few weeks! After I stopped drinking so much cows milk as well, I found that I wasn't having frequent runny stools and my digestion feels a lot more stable.......

3. I added drops of grapefruit essential oil into my stainless steel water bottle or glass everyday. Starting at one the first day, two drops the second and so on.... I LOVE THE TASTE of this oil, its incredible!!!

Grapefruit is very popular among individuals trying to lose weight and for good reason. Japanese researchers have shown that the scent of grapefruit oil affects autonomic nerves, enhances fat burning through the liver, and reduces appetite and body weight.
Grapefruit essential oil may help with migraine headaches, obesity, premenstrual tension, and stress. It may also have a cleansing effect on the kidneys, lymphatic system and the vascular system. It is rich in the powerful antioxidant d-limonene and is nourishing to the skin.
Amazing for dissolving cellulite, it so uplifting and tastes devine....... really everyone should have a bottle of this in their bags as there is so many health benefits to this incredible oil which tastes nothing like the sour/bitter fruit which I still am not a huge fan of.

I also used Tangerine, Orange, Lemon, Peppermint and Citrus Fresh (Young Living blend) in my water after a few months to mix up the flavour. They all have their own amazing and unique healthy benefits!

4. I made fresh juice daily: Check out my juice blog here: tips/recipes and what kind of juicer to get!  http://naturallyjoyous.blogspot.com.au/2012/03/whats-in-your-juicer.html
Juice makes you feel alive, cleansed, vibrant and joyous!!! I love to juice kale, silver beet, celery, carrot, pineapple and ginger :) Slim down with ease, while receiving all of your vital nutrients from fresh wholefoods.

5. I drink 30 mls to 90 mls a day of NingXia Red depending on how my immune system and energy is feeling. What is NingXia Red? It's a super power packed antioxidant drink made from wholefoods and essential oils. Incredibly beneficial for all of our body systems. (Read my April blog to find out more)

6. Every few of days I drank a balance complete shake for breaky adding banana, a tiny bit of maca powder, slippery elm powder and a drizzle of maple syrup.
Totally delish. You dont have to add anything to this yummy drink......
Balance Complete from Young Living is a nutrient rich super food vanilla shake that activates, builds and cleanses your entire system and is plant based not synthetically made which is sooo important for your body. If you don't know what is written under the word ingredients then how is your body meant to know what to do with it? Sooo many shakes out their are made synthetically and artificially.

7. I started eating lots of super grains, nuts and seeds!
On the other days for breaky I had either................. a bowl of organic porridge, some quinoa flakes, chia seeds, LSA mix, pecans, walnuts, hemp seeds, organic greek yogurt and maple syrup (or chopped dates).................... or sour dough rye toast with avocado, fried tomatoes, blanched spinach and crumbed feta.
Through out the day - organic roasted pumpkin seeds, sesame and sunflower seeds, cashews, walnuts and pecans. You can even blend your favourites together with some dates and maple syrup and make some energy bars!

8. I practise yoga everyday..... very basic yoga might I add, my first yoga experience was back at Uni in 1998 and I fell in love instantly... I mostly just do 3 rounds of salute to the sun... it works amazingly and I feel so clear, balanced and more patient in respect to my little girls (they even do it with me sometimes and or end up on my back, very cute) 
I occasionally throw in some squats, push ups, a plank and the bicycle to help strengthen and tone my body.

9. I read a lot of personal development and motivating books/magazines to keep me feeling fresh and inspired. And each morning I read one empowering quote from a little fat Present Moment book by Louise L Hay which is placed on my bed side table.

10. I run around with my girls like a crazy mama in our back yard and in local parks, playgrounds. AND I love to DANCE with my gorgeous girls, so very cute watching them shake their bottoms, swing their hips and arms about and bend their knees..... It gets your heart rate going, makes you do big belly laughs, creates a joyous environment and you get to listen to your favourite music!

So, there you have it. Oils in water, fresh whole foods, positive mindfullness and finding my inner child again.
Keep it fun, keep it pure and LOVE yourself first and foremost.

If you would like any more information on the wonderful world of Young Living essential oils or nutritional supplements, feel free to give me a call or message...

***Young Living is just about to launch their amazing new Slique tea range here in Australia within the next few weeks!!! This will help you further support your weight management goals................ Slique tea (containing ocotea essential oil, cacao and frankincense resin just to name a few unique ingredients) was formulated to help increase energy, control appetite while providing flavonoids and catechins, which are thought to help maintain normal body functions. Slique essence essential oil helps control hunger and support digestion with a unique blend of citrus oils and spearmint!***

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