Monday, 27 February 2012

<<<<<<<< I LOVE LEMONS >>>>>>>>

What a miracle fruit for your daily health!!

They contain a powerhouse of nutrients, they are refreshing, zesty and clearing.

As soon as I get up in the morning I have 2 cups of water with a whole lemon squeezed in both (zola and indie have it aswell, zola says “mummy can I have my lemon morning water please”)
Which always brings a smile to my face.

This morning water is extremely beneficial, everyone should get into the habit of 2 glasses as soon as they rise, as it helps dehydrate your body after a long night’s sleep. According to Irene Hess Oats a Medical Herbalist from Canberra, dehydration today is a killer in our society, it contributes to dis-eases such as depression, MS and Parkinson's. Adding the humble lemon to your water helps the liver to produce bile, which is a mild natural laxative. It also assists with weight loss, the pectin (fibre) in lemons forms a gel in the digestive tract, where it mops up fats, reducing their absorption therefore creating a feeling of fullness. Vitamin C in lemons can also aid weight loss, as it is required in order to produce amino acids that help the body burn fat. And it also increases your immune system.

Lemons actually originated in California and Italy. How many lemons does it take to produce essential oils........... It takes 3,000 lemons to produce one kilo of essential oil. Lemon essential oil is high in the chemical constituent limonene (along with all the other citrus oils grapefruit, orange and tangerine) Limonene is a compound with antiviral, antitumoral, anti inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Limonene increase white blood cells and inhibits various cancers. It improves memory, relaxation and circulation among soooo many other things.
Spiritually it sharpens the focus of consciousness, clarifying and uplifting the intellect. It calms, lightens and disperses confusion, easing stress and worry (must get my dad and mother in law a bottle! J) Like rose oil it can help to open the heart, by alleviating fears of emotional involvement and of losing oneself in another person.

Lemon essential oil has been known to help protect against and fight off cold sores (making sure not to go out into the sun within 24 hrs of applying as all citrus oils are photosensitive) Great for gingivitis and gum disease (same as myrrh essential oil) and for insomnia, try rubbing the soles of your feet, adding a few drops onto your pillow at night or diffusing it in your bedroom. It is also great for post exercise aches and pains, muscle stiffness and swollen ankles or feet.
I use my lemon oil in my cooking for extra flavour and neat in my water (with other citrus oils when im out and about, as its better than carrying around a knife and lemons in your bag!!!) I also put a few drops in my dishwashing water for extra sanitation along with the thieves cleaner, and clean my bench tops and chopping boards with it. A kitchen that is naturally fresh and clean. :)

A small glass spray bottle filled with water and about 10 drops of Lemon oil is a perfect addition to anyones carry bag. I find that spraying my fruit and veggies, (when I can't get organic), if I’m out and about is very handy to help rid pesicides, fungicides and any other nasties. It's also fabulous as a hand spray while your little ones are being toilet trained using public restrooms and smelly toilet blocks in parks, as it works as a great antiseptic if your kids touch yukky surfaces! Which they seem to be attracted too! 
And lastly, of course fantastic in your bathroom/toilet and car as a natural freshener. 

Yummy Vegan lemony Recipe: Buttery Lemon Oil Cookies
I baked these the other day for my first Monday Meditation Workshop and they were a hit!
This recipe is taken from Vegan with a Vengeance, Isa chandra Moskowitz (of course i added the Lemon essential oil and removed the vanilla essence)

You will need:

225g non-hydrogenated margerine, softened
75g icing sugar
175g plain flour
5 drops of lemon essential oil
2 tablesoons finely grated lemon zest
1/4 tsp salt

  • In a bowl beat together margarine and icing sugar until fluffy. Add flour, beat well.
  • Add remaining ingredients, mix
  • Mould dough into ball, wrap in cling film and wack in fridge for about 2 hours
  • Pre heat oven at about 160 degrees
  • Roll out dough on a lightly floured surface. Cut with fun cookie cutters....
  • place on tray with baking paper and into the oven for only 6 to 8 mins.
  • Allow to cool and enjoy the oily goodness :) 

If you would like any other info about the wonderful lemony benefits feel free to write a comment or connect with me from the links below:

Wishing everybody a fabulous smiley day,

Joyous Health and Harmony,
Amy Marais**
Young Living Member 1090238

"Young Living essential oils - nature's living energy"

References: Essential Oil Desk Reference, 4th edition, 2009
                      Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit, Gabriel Mojay, 1997
                      The Miracle of Lemons; Dr Penny Stanway
                      Irene-Hess Oats; Medical Herbalist
                      And my own personal wonderful experiences

This information is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any illness. For your own personal interest.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

.......... Quality ............

Whether it's quality of life, quality goods, quality time with your kids or quality services, we would all like the highest quality, wouldn't we?

Being a relatively new mum, like most I like to make sure I have fun things to do with my girls on a daily basis. A great website by the way is  for all of your kiddy needs.

Over the last few weeks it has been raining quite a bit up here in Brisbane, so I have spend a lot of time indoors! One of our favourite things to do is to get out the BIG shoe box full of crayons, pencils and stamps. (no textas yet for little flamboyant Indie). My girls have so much fun making a creative mess..... and doing some yoga moves........

Lately I have noticed that it is so important to buy quality stationary. Crayons and pencils from "the cheap shops" just don't work, snap really easily or hardly write at all.

Well, guess what... the same goes for Essential Oils!!
Cheap, dilluted or adulterated oils just don't work... (and can actually be harmful.)

Buy cheap products, get cheap results.

Most essential oils out there stating "100% pure" from supermarkets and pharmacies, are produced for the perfume industry. They are only interested in the oil's aromatic qualities, not it's therapeutic qualities. In the perfume industry, certain practices are common and acceptable, such as distilling the oil using high pressures and high temperatures in high-volume "pressure cookers" and adding chemical solvents, fillers and synthetics to produce greater quantities of oil at a faster rate. Unfortunately, all sorts of wrong practices happen in the oil industry.......

Young Living pride themselves on TRUE QUALITY starting right at the source. Every single bottle of essential oil goes through a strict process known as Seed to Seal.

In short: they know what species of seed to plant, own their own 5 farms, only ever use low-temperature, low-pressure steam distillation process. This ensures that all critical chemical constituents remain, therefore allowing it to be medicinal grade. They test every batch, before sealing and shipping it straight to us the members! No need for extra handling, marketing or advertising. No nasties added, safe, pure and perfect... 

It is so good to know where you're getting your products from, who to trust and how it is made.

My business, Naturally Joyous is full of integrity, quality and RESULTS!

So, you get the picture....... these are amazing oils. What other product can you use for your personal care, nutrition, first aid, cleaning, cooking, physical health, emotional wellbeing and as a preventative against dis-ease?

Interested in your own oils?

The Everyday oils collection is the best to kick start your healthy lifestyle.........

How I use my everyday oils:
Lemon: flavour my water and my kids water, they dont even realise that its good for their health :) Just used it last week to get a sticky tattoo off Zola's arm too!
Peppermint: make yummy choc peppermint goodies in the kitchen, and also on my girls feet if they have a bit of a high temp.
Lavender: to calm and sooth overactive sisters who rev eachother up before bed... and on Zola's burnt hand :( all heale nicely now though :)
Frankncense: is said to "deepen the breath" so, perfect for meditation or yoga and great to rub on your own or your kids chest (sinuses, bronchitis, asthma)
Peace and calming: if you're feeling a bit frustrated, anxious or stressed.... perfect.
Purification: Mozzi bites, cleansing the air and Zola and Indie's skinned knees!
Thieves: on tinny feet and in my lemony honey immune booster drink
Valor: on feet or shoulders whenever I feel 'unbalanced' or need some confidence/courage
Pan Away: after carrying my girls on my hip, on my sore shoulder and mum's arthritis.

Just a little snippet, if you would like to learn/read more...... there is a great book out called "An Aromatic Life" by ahem fabulous authors, I may be one of them :)

You can order off me... Just send me a msg via
or order at

Or request your FREE ebook: My Everyday Essential Oils by Zola aged 2!!!!

Anyway, until next time on your abundant oily adventure.......

Joyous health and harmony,

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