Saturday, 5 November 2016

Do you have sensational showers?

Sacred Shower of gratitude 💗

We have them everyday and for some a couple times a day..... or for others...  a couple of times a week...


A beautiful time to indulge in self care, at its best... 
I've mentioned mirror work which has changed the way I truly look at my inner self....
Now lets delve into shower work...
With essential oils.
Before I have a shower.....
I enjoy selecting three oils that resonate with me for the day....
To support my emotions, intentions and focused thought for the day or week.

This morning it was;
Melissa, Stress away and Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree). 

The past week for me was HUGE and I have felt emotionally drained most nights.... dealing with the needs of two daughters at 6 and nearly 8 years old. Giving them my all when running my own biz..... and doing the daily house hold chores .... its hard! 
Life is in constant flow... and in constant action.... ongoing change, ongoing acceptance. 
Flowing with the ever evolving and flowing changes in life.... 

So to cope in an aromatic way :) lets have a sensational shower experience! 
Starting with Melissa, (lemon balm)
I close my eyes and inhale deeply for one minute,breathing in and out........ as I feel the droplets of shower water washing over my naked stimulated body, feeling different sensations as the incredible fresh scent of lemon balm calms and uplifts my mind encouraging a positive out look....
I then change to stress away. The incredible smell I'm receiving through my nostrils is amazing......   This blend helps calm my nerves when my mind wonders into the "what if this happens"  future.... restoring, rejuvenating and promoting pure relaxation.
After breathing this in with closed eyes visualising calm, I then grab cleansing tea tree... I close my eyes inhale freshness, clarity and purity then exhale the chaos that I have created in my mind. 
I Inhale gratitude and exhale frustration. 
Inhale love, exhale fear..... 
Feel it deep down and smile for this time of self love you have given your sacred body...... 
Why not create your own shower experience and set your day up to be Totally Joyous xx 
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Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you got some value out of these words of earth wisdom....

Amy Joyous xx 

Friday, 4 November 2016

Turmeric Tangerine Hummus

Turmeric Tangerine Hummus

Who doesn’t like a good dip :) 
Dip it, mix it, fold it and spread it onto anything you desire……. I have been having it wrapped up in our rice paper wraps this week… yummo! 

So I got this recipe off Gary Mehigan’s - Comfort Food booklet.     
Re vamped it and added an oil of course :) 
I suppose it has been a week of comfort food for me as it has been that time of the magical month.….. I feel very creative during this time of the month (after the first day……)  and love getting creative in my kitchen! 
So for years now, I have been making my my own skin and personal care (or get it from the YL range) however I now see a HUGE need to make our own whole food dips, breads, wraps, crackers, shakes and even wontons, preservatives and harmful toxins can be present in many things. 

So just to let you know, according to the chemical maze by Bill Statham (an awesome shopping companion!) 
no. 211 = Sodium benzoate, is petroleum derived used as a preservative. potential effects are; Hyperactivity, people sensitive to aspirin may wish to avoid, may damage DNA cells, skin irritation, headache, stomach upset, asthma, prohibited in food for infants, found in jam, soft drink, fruit juice, pickles, pet food, vaccines, cosmetics and medicines…   

EKKKKK …. So this number 211 is present in lots of things including most shop bought dips! Why bother with all that, when you can make your own;

Would you like to try a Hummus with a difference?

Hummus Revamped:

1 x 400g can chickpeas or drained and rinsed 200 g click peas soaked over night (cook simmer 45 mins and cool) 
1 clove garlic
1/2 tbs sea salt
2 tablesppons cashew butter or peanut butter
juice of 1 lemon
80 ml extra virgin olive oil 
pinch of turmeric
2 drops of YL tangerine oil

Blend all ingredients in a blender or food processor. 
Serve with toasted turkish or sour dough bread, pita bread, crackers or cucumber.
Enjoy and well done for making a simple yet delicious dip with no added nasties xx

Want to get creative with your own oils?

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Love and Appreciation,
 Amy Joyous 
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Thursday, 3 November 2016

7 Life Changing Ways Young Living has supported me.....

The REAL Wellness RevOILution:
Starts with Real soil and a Real heart....

The following is my very own personal experience "my story" from the last 8 years of using Young Living and natural wellness products. 
Before that I used to buy my 'essential oils'  from health food shops and supermarkets, I had 'all purpose liquid'  oils with a wooden box, I made candles with what I believed at the time was with essential oils, however just synthetic fragrance.... I remember, around the time I was 17 years old... wow, that was 20 years ago!! and before that... Mum?!?! I remember using a big fat Eucalyptus bottle that said POISON on the top in capital letters....... and we would inhale that with steam when we chesty..... 

Anyway, I have not only found the most exquisite therapeutic oils that make my heart sing, however....... the its the lifestyle, the people, the values and the vibes..... and the impact this company is having on a global scale consciously.... all of this makes my heart sing. 

Best of all. 
I get to Lead with love and purpose around my daughters....... and thats a beautiful thing. 
I have let go of the guilt, the shame, the wondering what they are doing, eating and how they are being, when with their daddy. I know they are safe and loved deep down and that is what I focus on.
So when I am in their presence I love to empower them with joyous choices and beautiful nourishing wholeness.  

Thank you for stopping by and reading my words. 
Im am truly appreciative!!! 

7 areas of my life that Young Living has completely transformed;  

Me laying in the lavender fields at one of the Farms,  Mona, Utah

1. 8 years ago … my body transformed. Following my studies and love for the great outdoors, nature and science, I went to a four hour workshop with mum to learn about essential oils and natural wellness and instantly fell in love with the idea of a blissful Raindrop Technique. So mum, Zola in the pram at 4months and I walked away that day with my very own YL everyday oils collection…. and a new perception on essential oils and using them in the kitchen!!! WOW..... After Jen gave me a mini 5 RT demo, I felt amazing and was hooked…. I knew these oils were something special….  That next week I booked into the level 1 Raindrop Technque course and the rest is history…. After years of sailing as a child, I believe I put my body out of balance, after two session in one weekend, my muscles and joints felt amazing and now I feel more balanced, centred and at ease. 

My gorgeous gals with their fav oils... Indie with stress away and Zola holding Abundance xx

2. Babies and kids…. As a parent we all want the very best ingredients for our family. My girls are both at school now, and for the first 6 years of their life, essential oils were, and still are, a part of day to day life for them. From making our own wipes, scrubs, bath salts and more to picking the daily diffuser smell for the lounge room or choosing their own bath and shower gel aroma and showing them the importance of self love and self care. Such an empowering way to educate your kids on the power of plants and mother nature….  and not relying on synthetic drugs, lotions or potions for a quick instant, band aid solution. There are so many gorgeous options in life when it comes to natural wellness and intentional living and I believe that this is one of the most pristine ways to protect your little precious ones skin, immune system and sacred environment.  xx

3. Emotional support during traumatic life events
All of us how through many challenges in life…. some of mine?? Postnatal depression, Separating/Divorce, Sorting our care for our kids, experiencing court and uncomfortable situations, accepting 50/50 equal parenting, caring for a beautiful father with Dementia and then watching him waste away in hospital, thats confronting….. opening up talking about death to kids and moving house primarily due to having your daughter being re enrolled into a new school without being told. That was huge... feeling like I was ripped out of my Narangba community, where I volunteered in the class room. Essential oils have been incredible at uplifting, awakening and clearing thoughts and emotional stagnation.  

The food you can create

4. My fitness, health, nutrition, body self image and self care have dramatically changed…. Pristine health and nutrition sourced from the finest areas on earth. Whole foods, whole oils, wholeness.  I have even traveled to one of there many farms they own and collaborate with to bring us the very best, I have planted lavender meditated in the fields under the snow capped mountains of Utah, watched jousting and……. wow the opportunities, went on an all expenses paid holiday to Bali and got to take my mum!!! 

Here we are white water rafting with like minded people we just met at the start of the Bali adventure who are now our life long friends.....

5. At 23 I had saved up $36, 000 (working in Victoria, within Disability) and set off to travel around Europe and the UK, Thailand, Vietnam, Canada and America. I was always pretty savvy, and saw the value in saving to get what I wanted..... My financial situation changed when I became a single parent in 2013 leaving my marriage with $60 in the bank and two little girls to look after, it was extremely overwhelming as I felt the whole world on my shoulders. Educating myself on the Young Living business: the powers of essential oils an amazing family company and how mlm, relationship marketing or referral business networking work.  I have learnt about the plower of plants, persistence, perseverance, purpose and true heart shattering passion….. Financial independence is possible, who wants a ceiling on their income… as Teri Secrest says :) 
Fund your own future. 
I have chosen to refer people to the Young Living lifestyle and as a result, Young Living compensates me (rewards me) and has given me a chance to create my own conscious career from home, inspiring everyday mums and dads, or anyone who wants a better way to live, that is truly nourishing and toxic free. 

6. Friends and the travel!! 
I have met so many gorgeous friends over the last few years and we all have similar interests. We bind together stand tall, support and empower each other. I love the new global family that you meet as a member of Young Living. A gorgeous conscious community of like minded souls who care about the future of our precious planet and our families…..  Empowering each other with essential education, raising our standards, setting our values while stepping out with a mission to help give families amazing lives through the power of plants, with a purpose and a mighty passion.
I love the energy at our events!

Beautiful souls I have met along the way

7. Feeling proud, leading by example for my daughters and helping restore our precious planet.
YL lifestyle has shown my daughters a beautiful way to live and an understanding of how nature and plants heal our bodies and work in our environments. 
My girls come to me and tell me what oils they need, go get it and put it on their bellies or sores (usually lavender to soothe or purification for itches) I love that they can feel empowered and use their little intuition. 

A life and business (if you choose) that is built on sharing kindness, love and JOY.

Young Living is made from nature + science (wellness), serving, heeling, sharing (purpose) and more quality family time and freedom to choose (abundance) 

Did this spark your interest or resonate with your soul?

I would love to hear from you, 

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EnJOY choosing your own adventure in life,

Love and Appreciation, 
Amy Joyous