Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Clean Eating and Beyond.... **Young Living** is the Next Step Towards Lasting Wellness

‘Clean Eating - And Beyond, Young Living is the REAL deal’ 

If you haven’t heard of the phrase clean eating or paleo within the last few years, then maybe you have been living under some sort of psychedelic rock…. and where was my invite ;) 

It is a hot topic!

Clean eating can be life changing and it’s such a straight forward concept.
Quite simply - living as close to the way Nature intended is delicious.
Eating whole foods that look like real plants, seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables…. is delicious. 
Real foods nourished by the earth. Unprocessed, free from additives, preservatives and nasties.
And if it is your thing, choosing meat that has been grass fed, with no added chemicals or hormones and treated ethically. 
Its fantastic to see the abundance of superfood’s turning up on our supermarket shelves, quite literally on a daily basis.
I am super proud to be the instigator of having a continuous supply of fresh young drinking coconuts at my local woolies…….
And you can even get Chia pudding.. its everywhere! 

'Super foods' and 'Super oils'

Now, instead of owning a tiny section on the shelves, whole foods and super foods have taken over more than half of the ‘healthy foods’ isle, which is such a pleasure to see.
Chia seeds, quinoa, cacao, goji berries and maca powder are now a house hold name. And the incredibly nourishing hemp seeds (high in omega 3,6,9, fibre, protein, antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E and chlorophyll amongst lots of other goodies) are making a wave of consciousness through out Australia. 

Did you know that Australia and New Zealand are the only two countries to still have a ban on the consumption of hemp seeds (which do not get you high, and don’t worry, being an inquisitive scientist… I have tried) ….. However, in Canberra where the politicians are and in South Australia you can grow three marijuana plants that do get you high, for personal use. Does that sound right to you? What is going on here?!? 

Seriously, they are hemp fields. Hemp seeds and material. These fields could create many more jobs, bio-fuel, food, oil, paper, plastics, rope, building material, fibre, textiles, clothing, bedding for farm animals and even car components… and I am sure many more things. Basically Australia needs to step up, open their minds and start benefiting from this incredible plant. Our economy would soar and our health would benefit infinitely. Environmentally, hemp is a safer crop to grow than cotton. Cotton is a soil damaging crop. Hemp planting reduces deforestation and improves the soil upon which it is grown. All products made from hemp fibre are biodegradable, compostable and recyclable!! Sounds like an amazing plant hey…..     

Anyway, back to whole foods, super foods and nourishing our bodies!

Yes ‘clean eating’ is the way to go!!

  My daily clean shake made with YL Balance Complete (Power Meal is Vegan option), bananas, chia, hemp, peppermint, cinnamon, tangerine or nutmeg essential oils.

However, when was the last time you thought about clean living within your home, within your precious abode. Is your floor cleaner really clean? Is your dishwashing liquid clean, what about your laundry detergent, how clean is your foaming hand wash, toothpaste or baby bath soak? And what about that fragrance that puffs out scents to make your bathroom smell pretty… how harmful do you think that is? 

DIY - Clean personal care products made with Young Living Medicinal Oils
Body scrubs, cooling mists, bathroom and car deodorisers.... 

A ‘clean’ home environment is the next step in your clean campaign and one that is so important. Our bodies are magnets to everything in our environment and our skin easily absorbs what we use around us. It’s vital to know the quality and ingredients of the home and body products that you are using. This step alone can reduce many unnecessary health challenges that occur on a daily basis. 

It can be so confusing when you venture out to the shops to buy some sort of cleaner, hand sanitiser, freshener spray or liquid hand soap. The fragrance that fills the isles can be intoxicating and the amount of choice we all have is crazy. To be honest, from personal experience, I have found that what is available in the conventional shops is far from clean. As a mater of fact, these products are the opposite of clean. They are dirty…… As in they may have nasty, dangerous and life threatening unnecessary chemicals hidden within. Over time these chemicals are notorious for building up in our delicate tissues, organs and cells. They then eventually create various health challenges and heartache for many trustworthy souls who thought that ‘orange blossom’ or ‘ocean breeze’ sounded like a refreshingly good idea at the time.

Unfortunately this world is run by multi-million dollar companies that have no intention to improve the health and the lives of people around the world. We all know the ones, they are a household name, we get free samples from hospitals after we give birth, their adds are plastered all over our TV screens and they are on all our banners along the road sides and in our shopping centres. Their man-made synthetic products are being pumped out at an incurable rate. These companies are here to make money. Period. They are clever at advertising and enticing us in with their fresh sounding new creations.

Before you fall on the floor, waving your hands about in despair….. there is hope. There are amazing, positively inspiring companies out there who are part of this new wave of change we are all experiencing. This innovative awareness - a wellness revolution that is currently taking place. We are growing as a conscious culture and conscious consumers….. not settling anymore for mediocracy. We want to know why these ingredients are being used (a lot, thousands.... of chemicals created since WWII) and we all want what’s best for our growing little families and our precious planet that will hold our future generations to come.

The Founder of Young Living Dr Gary Young and his wife Mary and two sons.. entertaining us at the 2014 Grand Convention, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Presenting Young Living. This global company is phenomenal! I could share many wonderful things that they have achieved, the lives that they have changed and communities that they have enhanced world wide. They are the world leaders in essential oils and synthetic free, plant based wellness products. They provide answers and solutions to all our wellness needs. Not only does Young Living have one cleaner used for the entire home, from the toilet to the mirrors on your car, to the sticky toys in your kidlets hands and the dishwashing solution you can make yourself. They also provide wellness solutions regarding our first aid queries, give us side effect free plant based medicinal oils and supplements, personal care shower products, natural beauty and skin care products, dental products, natural kid and pet care solutions, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness, nutritional health, oils in the kitchen and pretty much cover anyone searching for a vibrant healthy ‘clean’ lifestyle.

They are the whole package. Young Living really does create ultimate wellness, purpose and abundance in every way. It’s quite simple. Become a wholesale member, start enjoying these everyday products, (ditch the dodgy supermarket misleading brands that are supporting sickness) and feel the amazing benefits. Then share your new found knowledge with your friends, help them with their needs and ask them what they want. Don’t be scared to educate and help anyone who wants a better life… Young Living rewards us all and you ultimately get your products paid for. YOU GET THE HIGHEST QUALITY PRODUCTS ON EARTH FOR FREE just by SHARING YOUR NEW FOUND WISDOM AND LIFESTYLE CHOICES. And that is how I have been able to support myself as a single mum. (Plus… I have amazing friends and support!) 

The people you meet all over the world! 

Not only do I receive financial abundance from Young Living, but also have time and family freedom. I get to ‘work’ or ’share’ when I want and however I like. Anyone who is passionate about limiting toxins and living a more plant based lifestyle would be perfect for this. It is however, not for everyone and that is totally fine. not only has my little family experienced an abundance of wellness, I have also been fortunate to travel to amazing destinations with this company. I have seen first hand the dedication, the sweat and the love that goes into each and every bottle and product that they proudly supply. The standards are second to none that why they are the innovators or the seed to seal promise.  

The relationships you form... my beautiful 'YL family'

It saddens me that some people don’t value themselves enough to put their own and their families health as paramount. And don't get me wrong I don't eat like a queen everyday and yes I still like to celebrate, dance and have a few drinks with the people that are close to me.... 
I often hear people say ‘oh I would love to live like you and use those chemical free products, but I can’t afford it’ To be honest, every single person on this planet can live a high quality lifestyle free from toxic chemicals, if they really wanted to. Is this a priority for you?

I urge everyone to educate themselves on the effects of using ‘cheap store ’ products and ‘fancy’ high end oolala expensive products that are not much better.

Ask questions, read books, read labels, find out what words like Benzalkonium Chloride do to our beautiful bodies…. Does that sound nourishing to you, do you think there would be side effects? Oh yes indeed….. we don’t need this stuff in our lives, anymore, ever. Its time to break the habits and beliefs that have been passed down from generations and to provide, healthier life giving solutions. If you are interested to know, this chemical is used as a disinfectant, detergent, preservative and as an antiseptic. It is rampant in house hold cleaners and also can be found in ear, eye, hand and facial products for example in hand sanitisers and first aid. The cosmetic safety database states that there is a moderate to strong evidence that Benzalkonium Chloride is an immune suppressor, skin irritant and respiratory toxicant with corrosive, carcinogenic effects. Hmmmm do you have these particles lurking in the air in you home?

So, as you can see, it is vital that we all become aware of these types of unnecessary harmful chemicals, we just don’t need them. Let's all strive to make a change towards better choices and solutions that support and nurture us.

Indie Sol age 4 - uses the oils when she needs them....
Her favourite place is on her belly.

Have I made you think about your home and personal care products? What about your medications and first aid? Becoming self sufficient is so empowering and not relying on a doctor to prescribe a drug with side effects has changed my families life. 

Planting my own lavender (Bunchy) at Mona, Utah. One of Young Living's 11 farms around the world!

Would you like to be a part of this shift in consciousness and possibly work from home (or the park, the beach, a cafe, meet up with other like minded people) while you can play with your kids and have a family life too?

Young Living is Perfect for young kids - Zola Love age 5.

No more leaving home at 5am and getting home in the dark just in time to see your kids sleeping soundly in bed. No more missing out on valuable family time, no more 'busting your guts’ trying to ‘make a living’  which has been the Aussie way for far too long. Why? So many people these days are out of their heads, so stressed and busy that they have lost contact and detached themselves from their own families and as a result the quality of their health has suffered. Remember that our health is our wealth, it should be our number one priority. Relationship marketing and generating your own cash flow with a residual income is the way to go. This is the business of now and the future and Young Living is a shining example of the new wave of consciousness that we are all experiencing right now. I LOVE being a part of a company that makes a real difference to this planet. 

Hanging out with beautiful people, Kate and I, indulging in all of the fun possibilities Young Living creates...  
having an amazing experience at this years Silver and Above Gala Ball, they really know how to live the good life! 

Get amongst it, have a purposeful life, be apart of a passionate team of people who care and help our fellow man, one that is ethical and kind to the earth. Isn’t that important to you? A company which is here for the long term, growing world wide at a phenomenal rate….. built on a solid foundation. One that is backed by innovative, scientific research and that is proud of their full disclosure ingredients and seed to seal process. 

The INNOVATORS of Modern Aromatic Medicine  - Dr Gary Young and Jean-Noël Landel

It is exciting to know that every single person on this planet can create their own sweet joyous ‘clean’ life. If you feel like a change, it is there for the taking.

Enjoy the endless versatility of YL oils!

If this resonates with you and your family values, feel free to connect with me via phone 0405377298, via email amy@naturallyjoyous.com or via fb/instagram - Naturally Joyous. I look forward to hearing from those who want more out of life :)

 Me....... Enjoying the AMAZING energy in the Mona, Utah Lavender fields.

Here’s to an Abundance of Health, Wellness and Freedom to live your own life,

Love and JOY,

Young Living Educator and Conscious Lifestyle Lover.      
YL member 1090238

This information is from my own personal direct experience, self education, and on going plant based lifestyle changes.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

***Best Ever Breakfast Bars***

Nigella and Me

Yep I have a girl crush on this lady, her aura is so alluring and seductive…. and her gorgeous delicious creations to die for…. yes this is one funky lady.

So I found this recipe on her website. Its suppose to be with condensed milk HOWEVER I use to be addicted to this shit so don’t buy it anymore. I would sit on the couch and eat a whole tin with my spoon and then when they invented the squeezy tube…. oh yeah!
I decided to make up my own RAW condensed milk….

Here are the two recipes, take what you like and have fun creating :) 

***So Here are Nigella’s Breakfast Bars:

1 x can of condensed milk
250g rolled oats
75 g shredded coconut
100g dried cranberries
125g mixed seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, sesame) 
125g natural unsalted peanuts

They are delicious!!!

***And here is my version, re invented in a conscious kind of way, without the sweet sweet sweet (in a Homer kind of way) condensed milk.

Breakfast BARS: Sugar free….
Inspired by Nigella….

RAW Condensed Milk:
1 cup of dates soaked
I/2 cup of hemp seeds
1/2 cup of spring water
2 drops of nutmeg oil

Mix altogether in the NingXia or whatever blender you have…

Add water to suit the texture and thickness you desire. I added over 1/2 a cup.

You can add extra agave or honey etc as a sweetener however I find it sweet enough.

I didn’t have any coconut in my pantry, so I searched what I had and added a sprinkle of: 
Hemp seeds 
Chia seeds 
Cinnamon Powder
Dried Apricots
Bee Pollen

So I added all of these to my Raw Condensed Milk plus 
the Rolled Oats, Dried cranberries, pumpkin, sunflower seeds and raw peanuts.

Mix together in bowl until the mixture is all coated 

Press onto baking paper and tin. Bake for 1 hours 180 degrees C

Meanwhile on to the added bonus of choc fudge topping!
Melt 1/2 cup of coconut oil
mix in 1/2 cup of cacao
and 1 cup of soaked dates.

Beat together till silky and smooth!!!

Pour over the top when muesli bar comes out of the oven, enjoy warm or slice when cool and cut into bars for kids lunch box!! :) 

HAPPY International Chocolate Day!
In - JOY xx

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