Saturday, 28 January 2012

Changing around an old song!

Everyone has heard the song Rock a bye baby.......

Well, after you become a mother and start having fun ;) singing all of the old favs, (my personal favourites Twinkle Twinkle, Wheels on the bus & a little drawn to Row Row Row your boat) you really do get into it, especially as they get a little older and join in!

Rock a bye baby is really, not a nice song!
So I have changed the words to suit me and my gals. I had to sing it tonight over and over and over, thanx Indie, while rocking in my mums blue velvet antique rocking chair....... along with a dose of Peace and Calming on her feet and shoulders..... finally PEACE.... and time to watch Bridesmaides..... how funny is the bathroom scene by the way? We have all been there......  yes my friend I'm talking to you :)

Joyous Version of Rock a Bye Baby:::::::::::::

Rock a bye baby, on the tree top
When the wind blows, the cradle will rock.

Cuddling close my baby and me,
I love you and you love me!

Young Living Essential Oils for Babies and wide awake crazy little toddlers.......

Peace and Calming essential oil blend on their little feet especially big toes.
Lavender essential oil on wrist, chest, neck or shoulders.

Megan from Bridesmaides you are just wrong...

On that note, I better try and get some needed sleep. My girls are early risers. They have actually shown me the beauty of the morning. There is a quote that I came across on my travels which i thought was enlightening to the soul.

""Waking up in the morning, I smile. Twenty-four brand new hours are before me. I vow to live fully in each moment and look at all beings with eyes of compassion."
~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Sweet Dreams,

Amy Joyous
Professional Raindrop Technique Practitioner
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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Be Inspired. Live Your Best Life.

After 2 years of talking about it, finally I have started a Blog.

My intention is to inspire, to live your best lifenaturally of course. To reduce our environmental impact, be kind and care for our planet for future generations..... our little ones. To provide support, natural health education, fun recipes and awareness of toxic chemicals. This is for anyone who cares about themselves and others, for people with similar interests in a natural healthy lifestyle, my Young Living team, my family and friends (and those i have yet to meet). Please feel free to provide feedback, natural living tips and recipes for others, as id love this to be fun and interactive!

I suppose you could say that my two little girls are my inspiration (above photo, Indie infront, Zola behind)  for Naturally Joyous, my natural lifestyle business. Wanting only the best, highest quality, purest, healthiest and safest products (cleaning, personal & medicinal) for them has guided me towards the path of Young Living essential oils, natural supplements and toxic free products. Not only are they innovators in this field, they are the world leaders of essential oils. Their scientific testing and research is astounding. The way they distill oils = perfection. They own their own farms and plant their own seeds. It was an honour to attend Dr Gary Young's (Founder and President) seminars during the latest Australian convention. His knowledge, experience and wisdom of science, nutrition, natural health and the workings of the human body is mind blowing. He is that dedicated to researching the healing properties and health benefits of essential oils, that he travels to all corners of the world.... to share his love and passion. 

This year has given me a new found love of a plant based lifestyle and diet (with some exceptions, free range eggs, feta and halloumi) which just seemed to be a natural progression for me. I was mostly a vegetarian back in my uni days, much to my families disgust.... however four years later was influenced to try meat again travelling around Europe. The meat free health benefits are extroardinary, and once you start researching there is no end to what you can do with plant based ingredients. Stay tuned for some exciting yummy recipes!

2012 is also the start of living more consciously, being mindful of my thoughts (as they help create our day to day lives) and aware of my impact on planet earth. Unlike last year, after focusing souly on my daughters needs, then my husband and the state of the house, I am nourishing my own mind, body, spirit first. Cleansing, exercising, practicing yoga & meditation all on a daily bases. I now look at food in a nutritious and delicious kind of way, instead of just something to fill my tummy.

I am in no means saying that I am perfect (I do love a beer or wine occasionally) nor am I saying that this is the only way to live. There are so many beautiful personal care products out there and wonderfully creative souls, however do you really know what is in them? Have you read the ingredients? (not just the initial name) And do you know the values and background of the company?.... all really important questions to ask especially if you are smothering it all over your precious little ones. That's another reason why I have fallen in love with Young Living, they provide everything, educate you, inform you about the therapeutic benefits and provide support. A brilliant company with brilliant benefits, concerning your health, wellbeing and finances! Not just random products to buy off the supermarket shelves.....   

I love taking my health into my own hands and dont rely on marketing and advertising on TV, however tempting it is..... it really does astound me just how clever companies can be. I read labels, the ingredients on everything..... I think its the scientist in me coming out again. I love research and being inquisitive.  I have read numerous products with the words organic, chemical free, sensitive, nature, natural, pure, garden, nurture, fresh, soothing, safe, healthy choice, irritation free, dermatologically tested, and kind to your skn in big words, then I turn it over and read the ingredients, 98% of the time the second ingredient is something like sodium lauryl sulphate (petroleum derived foaming agent) or propylene glycol (chemical solvent) ... and i think to myself, here is yet another miss understood toxic product that is dressed up to look happy and safe for our little families.  

Ok so enough about that, something interesting.......

**Joyous Health

Dry Body Brushing

Who has tried this?
I have been consciously doing this every morning for three weeks, after i have my lemon juice and water, and it does feel invigorating.
Cellulite therapist and author Bronwyn Hewitt says she uses dry body brushing with her clients. "Dry body brushing helps remove cellulite, stimulate circulation, increase cell renewal, awaken the lymphatic system and remove dead skin layers" says Dr Hewitt. All of these wonderful health benefits allow the promotion of detoxification.

Sounds good doesnt it? And it is soo easy.

Of course I add some enhancing oil to my skin before I brush to get the full health benefits. My choice is Young Living lemon essential oil (when i know im not going out into the sun, as it is a photosensitive oil) or Young Living cypress essential oil. Both great for circulation.

Start with your feet and legs and work your way towards your heart in a circular motion. Then your arms, belly, back, shoulders and neck.

My daughters even have a little brush for themselves and do it with mummy,  before we all get into some yoga posers :)

Can you eat your shampoo or moisturiser?

Dr Sarah Lantz (PhD and Author of Chemical Free Kids) and Dr Gary Young (Naturopath, Author, Innovator and Founder of Young Living) both have been known to say "if you wouldn't put it in your mouth and eat it, then don't put it on your skin."

I totally agree. Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs just about everything. Its so important to know what you are putting on it. Go and have a look at your bottles and creams :) 

If you have kids like me, chances are they too have stuck moisturisers, bath gel and even household cleaners in their mouths. Both my girls have, however I didn't have to stress out or call the poisons help line as I know that ALL of Young Living's Products are safe and therapeutic. 

**Recycled Recipe!


You will need one small spray bottle (glass or stainless steel) almost filled to the top with water.
 Add - 12 drops of purification essential oil
        - a couple of shakes of bi carb soda
        - a splash of Thieves Household Cleaner
Give it a good shake and voila!

Absolutely no pesticides, fertilisers, fungisides or synthetic chemicals in my spray bottles.

USES: A deodoriser (cars, furniture, beds when toilet training)
            A body spritz (feel clean and fresh)
            Room freshener (great for the toilet)
            Mozzi Spray (at bbqs or backyards)
            Smelly pits (under arms :))

A handy spray you can use both on your body and in the toilet!!

What toilet spray do you use? Does it have a caution/poison info line)
I have seen some even say "do not inhale as it may be harmful or even fatal"???? Shouldn't they be made for inhalation? hmmm doesn't really sound safe for families. Once things are sprayed the particles spread so quickly, we all end up inhaling them.

My must have daily oil:

Frankincense   - I use this everyday for prevention.
                          - Well known oil for skin rejuvenation,
                          - I use around my eyes and over wrinkles......
                          - Also use it to be empowered and focused
                          - To increase the oxygen to my brain! 

Well that's about it for my first blog. I hope that it reached, created awareness or entertained someone :)

Stay tuned for more topics including whats in your juicer and health benefits of the lovely lemon....... 

Lets all evolve and enjoy this transformational year!

Joyous health and harmony,


"Young Living Essential Oil's are life enhancing gifts from the plant kingdom - they are nature's living energy"

(All information in this blog is for educational purposes only. Not intended to treat, diagnose or cure a disease)