Friday, 2 January 2015

New Year - New You - New Job Maybe?!?

New Year, New YOU, New JOB!?! MAYBE?!?

Imagine a job where you could pick your own hours…
Choose your own work location, different everyday if you wanted....
Be your own boss
Make your own time
Enjoy your own family

This is Young Living….. yes their primary focus is WELLNESS.
The ultimate Plant health company specialising in pure authentic exotic essential oils.

Take the time to learn more about them…. 
What else do they offer, what are the incentives and what can you achieve. 

I believe deep down we all want to be our own boss.
Well, tonight as I was having a wine with my neighbour she posed the question “when do you have to be back at work”

I looked up into the corner of my garage and thought for a few seconds…. back to work, work, work… hmmm I don’t really work i thought to myself.

Then it came to me, Young is truly the most amazing lifestyle… and Job!?

I think its a crime not to share and enjoy the opportunities with ones that you love.

So this is my story. I don’t have to go back to ‘work’ 
I choose to work, meet up with and focus on what I believe is important in life… 
One of the number one things of course… 
The things that I LOVE - family.
I can choose to be there at school functions that was one of my biggest breakthroughs…. 
Being flexible when your kids start going to school is awesome… I loved seeing Zola perform in her prep performances… it was gorgeous.

So back to my Blog Post:

NEW YEAR  =  NEW YOU… Yeah yeah yah
This time you mean it?!?

We all want to be our own boss.
Create our own economy
Increase our personal cash flow

And even maybe;

Care for the environment 
Create a conscious community
Give back to a charity
Travel and learn from the world
Support those you love

You can create your own ultimate life

My tips on creating a Committed Joyous YL TEAM: (what people are looking for)

  1.  Find Great People
  2.  Make it a Challenge, Exciting, Fun
  3.  Share the Opportunity
  4.  Enjoy Personal Growth

I believe YL has all of this and more. They are so much more than just a company manufacturing / providing the highest quality oils and personal care products/supplements on earth.

We can all: 

Change lives, save money and enJOY pure abundance........

- Connect if you Care -

Amy Joyous - YL Leader 1090238
Phone 0405377298 

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