Tuesday, 3 July 2012

What is a Raindrop Technique?

While out and about at playgrounds, parks and beaches with my gorgeous girls, I hear this question many times.... So what do you do?

Well, the quick answer (other than being a multitasking mama)
I educate, empower and change lives..............

I am truly passionate about living a plant based lifestyle one that is kind to the earth and safe for our little families.

It gives me an enormous amount of pleasure sharing the love of these amazing medicinal oils and showing people just how easy it is to use them to enhance your physical health, emotional wellbeing, inner nourishment, natural first aid, cooking, cleaning and pretty much all aspects of your life, even your pets!...
My girls especially love dropping oils on their bellies and rubbing them on their feet... and at just 4 and 2, they know which ones to use and when...

Then I say oh I am also a Professional Raindrop Technique Practitioner.... which usually creates a puzzled look on the people around me, which is fair enough, lets face it, its not as widely spoken about as the common practises such as remedial massage and acupuncture.

So it gives me great delight to tell the world about this beautiful technique and if you know anyone who is a practitioner where you live, do your mind, body and spirit a favour and experience its fabulous healing and soothing benefits.......... It is an incredible technique, you even grow a little from lengthening and aligning your spine...... freaky I know.....

The 7 Powerful Benefits You Will Receive From Raindrop Technique:
1. Helps reduce pain
2. Helps reduce inflammation
3. Helps improve circulation
4. Can help prevent the bacterial and viral causes of spinal misalignment, including    scoliosis and kyphosis
5. Helps to relieve STRESS
6. Helps to improve immune function
7. Can facilitate the release of pent-up negative emotions

I am sooo passionate about Raindrop Technique because the first time I had one (during my level 1 course) I felt instant contentment, clarity and pain relief and have not had sciatica pain since. That was over 3.5 years ago, even after carrying two girls on my hips over the last 4 years.... that is why I use these oils, I love them, they work!!

So what is a Raindrop?

Raindrop Technique: Incorporates a blissful spinal Vitaflex (Tibetan reflexology) on your feet using 9 different oils. You then turn over (reluctantly, after I awake you from your relaxing dream state) while oils are dropped along your spine and tired muscles, they are then feathered in using a spine tingly “feathering” technique inspired by Native Americans and Ancient Egyptians. Your back is further invigorated with a combination of unique bodywork and massage techniques. 

Vitaflex Technique: Helps regulate your body, bringing it back into balance using gentle triggering action on your feet and legs, enhances different organs and functions such as your digestion and sinuses for example, includes scalp massage. Love your body inside and out.

Both Techniques may help increase your energy, your immune system, relieve aches and pain, enhance joint health and overall well being.

This is me giving my 5 year old nephew Jet a Raindrop, he got up off the table and said "Aunty Amy that was the best massage I have ever had" well, it was his first but still...... he loved it :)
Does this sound like something that you would love?
Allow 90 minutes of total bliss, (includes client history discussion) for $90..
If you would like to experience this unforgettable treatment book today and receive a 10% discount when you mention/follow this blog or like my facebook page...  

You can connect with me via phone 0405 377 298 or my facebook business page: www.facebook.com/naturallyjoyous
I am your local Pine Rivers Young Living Member 1090238

Young Living Medicinal Essential Oils are the purest on earth “nature’s living energy”
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, and have a wonderful rest of the week! 

Joyous Health and Harmony,

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