Tuesday, 3 July 2012

:::::The power of Thieves - every mothers best friend:::::

Forget the poisons HOTLINE…….

Here is one powerful safe plant based (concentrated) cleaner for your entire home….. Let your kids help out J

Cars, bins, benches, stainless, toilets, basins, shower, kitchen, dishes, floor, walls, oven, fridge, windows, mirror, mould, silk plants, live plants, carpet, room deodoriser, mattress, sheets, pillows, laundry, spots, stains and sticky fingers……

One capful into spray bottle or bucket of warm water is all you need!!!
Why is it called Thieves??
Well, back in the day during the Black Plague in France, there were four thieves who protected themselves from picking up the killer disease. They used a combination of cloves, rosemary, lemon, cinnamon bark and Eucalyptus radiata while robbing victims.
When captured they were offered a lighter sentence in exchange for their secret recipe. Young Livings essential oil blend offers the same kind of defence. 
Thieves has been university tested and found to be highly effective against airborne bacteria.
The oil blend is fantastic when used in a non water diffuser to actually digest the mould spurs in rooms... more on that another day :) 

Simple, synthetic free and safe for families J
And of course its not just for mums fellas!!!!

Really it could not be easier and perfect for babies and toddlers who are inquisitive and will put everything in their mouths because its fun...... No need to even have these nasties in your house anymore, there are some amazing things on the market at the moment. Like soap nuts! Who has tried them before I just bought my first bag, so will be sharing my view shortly.

If you are interested in cleaning with different kinds of essential oils, vinegar or baking soda? You may like to read chapter 2 of our book 'An Aromatic Life'... at only $20.......  it has a great section on Chemical-Free Cleaning (Chapter 2 - Robyn M. Schow), my chapter if anyone is interested is Chapter 7 Pregnancy, Babies and Kids :) Recipes, nutrition, belly oils, sleeping and lots more! Chapter 5, Emotional Clarity Using Essential Oils, is also incredible and helped me out last year when I went through a bit of a hard time with anxiety, depression, darkness and even not wanting to get out of be in the morning... everything just seemed a bit too much, even being a mum! So thank you to the lovely Lorna Russell fellow Raindrop Practitioner for your wonderful words..... "Empowerment has many perspective; I believe it is to attain the knowledge and the ability to create the life that we want to live."

Louise L. Hay is also an amazing author and personal growth master..You can heal your life is life changing, love her stuf!

Anyway, a bit of the track there :)

So, Thieves Cleaner, its Awesome...
Let me know if you would like to get some!

(*NEW website coming soon, with fun facts, super foods, books and testimonials)

Joyous Health and Harmony,

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