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Whether it's quality of life, quality goods, quality time with your kids or quality services, we would all like the highest quality, wouldn't we?

Being a relatively new mum, like most I like to make sure I have fun things to do with my girls on a daily basis. A great website by the way is  for all of your kiddy needs.

Over the last few weeks it has been raining quite a bit up here in Brisbane, so I have spend a lot of time indoors! One of our favourite things to do is to get out the BIG shoe box full of crayons, pencils and stamps. (no textas yet for little flamboyant Indie). My girls have so much fun making a creative mess..... and doing some yoga moves........

Lately I have noticed that it is so important to buy quality stationary. Crayons and pencils from "the cheap shops" just don't work, snap really easily or hardly write at all.

Well, guess what... the same goes for Essential Oils!!
Cheap, dilluted or adulterated oils just don't work... (and can actually be harmful.)

Buy cheap products, get cheap results.

Most essential oils out there stating "100% pure" from supermarkets and pharmacies, are produced for the perfume industry. They are only interested in the oil's aromatic qualities, not it's therapeutic qualities. In the perfume industry, certain practices are common and acceptable, such as distilling the oil using high pressures and high temperatures in high-volume "pressure cookers" and adding chemical solvents, fillers and synthetics to produce greater quantities of oil at a faster rate. Unfortunately, all sorts of wrong practices happen in the oil industry.......

Young Living pride themselves on TRUE QUALITY starting right at the source. Every single bottle of essential oil goes through a strict process known as Seed to Seal.

In short: they know what species of seed to plant, own their own 5 farms, only ever use low-temperature, low-pressure steam distillation process. This ensures that all critical chemical constituents remain, therefore allowing it to be medicinal grade. They test every batch, before sealing and shipping it straight to us the members! No need for extra handling, marketing or advertising. No nasties added, safe, pure and perfect... 

It is so good to know where you're getting your products from, who to trust and how it is made.

My business, Naturally Joyous is full of integrity, quality and RESULTS!

So, you get the picture....... these are amazing oils. What other product can you use for your personal care, nutrition, first aid, cleaning, cooking, physical health, emotional wellbeing and as a preventative against dis-ease?

Interested in your own oils?

The Everyday oils collection is the best to kick start your healthy lifestyle.........

How I use my everyday oils:
Lemon: flavour my water and my kids water, they dont even realise that its good for their health :) Just used it last week to get a sticky tattoo off Zola's arm too!
Peppermint: make yummy choc peppermint goodies in the kitchen, and also on my girls feet if they have a bit of a high temp.
Lavender: to calm and sooth overactive sisters who rev eachother up before bed... and on Zola's burnt hand :( all heale nicely now though :)
Frankncense: is said to "deepen the breath" so, perfect for meditation or yoga and great to rub on your own or your kids chest (sinuses, bronchitis, asthma)
Peace and calming: if you're feeling a bit frustrated, anxious or stressed.... perfect.
Purification: Mozzi bites, cleansing the air and Zola and Indie's skinned knees!
Thieves: on tinny feet and in my lemony honey immune booster drink
Valor: on feet or shoulders whenever I feel 'unbalanced' or need some confidence/courage
Pan Away: after carrying my girls on my hip, on my sore shoulder and mum's arthritis.

Just a little snippet, if you would like to learn/read more...... there is a great book out called "An Aromatic Life" by ahem fabulous authors, I may be one of them :)

You can order off me... Just send me a msg via
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Or request your FREE ebook: My Everyday Essential Oils by Zola aged 2!!!!

Anyway, until next time on your abundant oily adventure.......

Joyous health and harmony,

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  1. Interesting reading, full of great info thank you Amy.
    I would love some more frankincense oil for my skin.
    L.A. Kallangur