Wednesday, 11 May 2016

A Poem For My Dad

Days with Dad

In the early days
I was your blossom
You were my everything

I admired you so much,
when I was young 
How you held yourself, 
presented and always had fun

I became obsessed with your moustache,
I thought it was really sweet.
I even had a crush on Tom Sellick,
who I wanted to meet.  

I balled my eyes out
when you turned around that day.
You just didn’t look like my dad,
I didn’t know what to say.

You had shaved off your moustache 
It was totally gone from your face.
I couldn’t look at you for a while,
and remember hiding all over the place.

A heart so full
A love so strong
In my eyes
You could do no wrong.

A perfect match,
for your gorgeous wife
Giving her everything,
she wanted in life.

Sometimes I thought you were total opposites,
at polar ends of the scale.
However you would balance and complement each other,
Mostly calm, with not much hail.

Dad gave the best comforting cuddles 

You were always there,
to provide love and support.
You would take me to calisthenics, 
netball and to the tennis court.

Netball was fun with you as my coach,
always teaching me to try.
Shooting hoops, running around the eastern reserve,
and enjoying a big fat pie.

Helping dad out with the cubs and scouts,
was exciting memory with the boys.
I ended up ditching Brownies,
because cubs gave me so much more JOY.

Back then,
girls were not allowed.
So for me hanging with my dad,
I felt kinda proud.

My biggest love growing up was,
out sailing with the breeze.
Dad helped me every step of the way,
and made me feel at ease.

We had so many incredible adventures together,
These memories I will hold onto forever.

You taught me how to
face my fear.
Heading out into waves,
that looked so severe.

Out on the water I learnt how to focus,
create visualisations and set my intent.
Sailing all over Vic,
And up to QLD our family went.

I would not have had the sailing success,
if it weren’t for you.
Incredible sails, quality fittings,
a polished yacht, I appreciate everything you do.

Dad washing my dirty sail after capsizing at Albert Park Lake 

We got lost within Melbourne,
a lady called out “are you for real?”
Smiling I was quite chuffed and knew
he was the real deal.

Through you I learnt that whatever I put my mind to,
I could achieve.
The secret formula,
to jump right in and just believe.

At the Colac Yacht Club,
you were friends with all.
Coaching the juniors, operator of rescue boat 2, 
you absolutely had a ball.

I also learnt about boys, drinking beer 
and the chugalug. 
Regattas, camping trips at easter,
winning wine glasses, trophies and many a mug!

When mum got sick,
you were the first to help.
A signature dish of 2 minute noodles, 
tin mushies, onions and cheese melt.

Winning the Aussie Champs, 
you had to get toads out of my boat.
You guided me towards first place,
and gave me so much hope.

From all the words of advice,
I have heard over the years.
One will be forever wedged,
and gave me quite some fear.

“Don’t get a boyfriend,
its too hard to break up!”
I took this very seriously,
until I had enough. 

Visiting Sam in Canberra,
was an EPIC trip by far!
We made movies, celebrated with Anzacs, shared lots of laughs,
all in our peugeot car!

You were caring, so cautious,
worrying and often full of woe.
I often heard ‘Be careful”
and "watch the bloody road."

We always loved our walks in nature,
finding birds, frogs and possums.
There is one thing that will never change,
I will always be your blossom.


The last 4 or so years of my dads life we incredibly hard... Dementia took over in the end and my darling dad was not the same man I grew up with... He made us cry, he made us laugh with his crazy comments, behaviours and new found perception of the often confusing and frustrating world around him. Technology and life got to be too much and it was time for my dad to leave this physical world. The bacterial infection proved too much for his sensitive system.
Not a day goes by that I don't think of you...... 
I was your angel...  now you are mine xx

Positive thoughts, Brain health and mindful exercises are so important in order to live a life full of longevity with purpose, power and potential. I would like to dedicate one of our YL blends to dad.... we did used this oil on him, along with coconut oil..... however his disease was fierce, rapid and very progressive. 
Lets all look after our brilliant brains, magnificent minds, beautiful bodies and sensitive souls xx  

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