Friday, 6 April 2012

Pure LOVE..............

Jasmine essential oil!

Well actually Jasmine absolute!! To be precise.... I just put some on my neck and body and feel like I want to make love to it, what a beautiful exotic sensual smell....
It actually empowers you!

After I put it on I felt the urge to shimmy my shoulders and shake my hips and just needed to know more!!!!

Maybe its the hot cross buns or the chocolates, I just feel amazing as I wave my body around submerged in this oil!

OK so Young Livings Jasmine absolute oil is actually an essence and not an essential oil. This means that it is not mixed with a carrier oil is the real deal!!!

"The flower must be picked at night to maximise fragrance and enhance chemical constituents".......

Did you know that one pound of Jasmine Oil requires about 3.6 million fresh unpacked blossoms!!  The blossoms must be collected before sunrise.

A single pound of Jasmine oil may cost between $1,200 to $4,500. In contrast synthetic Jasmine oils can be obtained for $3.50 per pound. But obviously they do not possess the same therapeutic qualities...

 Jasmine Oil is named the "Queen of the night" For its beautiful seductive fragrance.

Uses: It is uplifting, may help with depression, nervous exhaustion, anxiety indifference, skin problems (eczema, wrinkles), may improve mental accuracy and clarity!

It turns you on and makes you sharper!!! Why wouldn't you use this oil!!??

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Joyous Health and Harmony,

Amy Joyous**


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